Letter from the Editor


Dear readers,

Welcome to the first ever edition of Nous Sommes Ensemble. We’ve had some wonderfully creative submissions in the past few months and are excited to share them with you.

Life in Cameroon is not easy-o! We all came in understanding we would be in varying difficult and unknown conditions, but there are some things no one can prepare for.

This is a unique job with unique challenges. When struggling (with adjustment, with projects, etc.) it can be difficult to remember the value in our service, which was so evident at the start.

Despite the inevitable struggles of Peace Corps service, specifically in Cameroon, we’ve managed not only to survive, but to thrive. We’ve managed to succeed. What our team wanted to know was how.

Success as a volunteer is an amorphous concept that’s different for everyone. We  recognize that there are perceived failures. Some projects have better results than others. Some days are more difficult than others.

In this edition, we asked volunteers how they defined success in their work, and how they might have had to re-shape their conception of success while in country. We asked volunteers to discuss their challenges and coping mechanisms. How do we pick ourselves back up when we reach our lowest points? Who, what, or where are our silver linings?

The editing team hopes that this edition of Nous Sommes Ensemble shows our community that we all struggle sometimes, but we can all make it out to the other side. We can have dynamic and transformative experiences here if we allow ourselves to recognize our vulnerabilities as well as our strengths. Sometimes all we need is a little perspective. Truly, success is a state of mind.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted, and to the editing team for all of your hard work. This would not have been possible without you. We hope you enjoy this December issue, Silver Linings: Success is a State of Mind.

Peace and Love,

Joy ♥



Peace Corps Cameroon