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A Kumba Morning

By BurtsBees

Under a canopy of forged metal

and splintered wood

I stand,

sheltered from the drizzle

of an eventual downpour.


An okada zips past,

driver and passenger,

eager to find dry refuge.


For now, the city settles in for a nap.



I must have been mistaken.

A brilliant blue says hello.


The clouds shift west

and the hustle



Words Worth

 People all around,

 always asked me why I write?

I guess I’ll finally explain some reasons tonight.


I write,

because it eases my soul

when the world all around me

feels so distant and cold.

When nothing in my life

 seems to be going right

My God, and My Pen

becomes my shining knight.


I am transported

to an enchanted world of my dreams.

Where my mother and father

have me in between.

Where all the nightmares

of my past are on pause.

Where my enemies and friends

are all standing with grand applause.

Maybe, sometimes

They may not make sense.

Well…I guess since they’re mine

I can write in German, Pig Latin or French.


When it’s all said and done

 and I’m old as wine

I hope that these words

 will stand the dreaded test of time.

 Wealth is acceptable

and worldly possessions can work.

 But the true measure of a (wo)man

is what his words were truly worth.